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Freedom – Physical Recovery

Freedom - Physical Recovery

While becoming free of addictions may be the initial focus for a person, addictions and other destructive behaviors can be masking deeper issues that drive the behaviors. These issues, usually residing within the heart, must be addressed and healed before permanent deliverance can be achieved. A person must be willing to come to face what is in his heart rather than burying it or denying it.

The focus of Set Free Christian Fellowship of Elma is more than managing surface behavior; we strive to deal with matters at the root of the problem, bringing healing and wholeness to the man. When that happens, the destructive behaviors are no longer necessary and freedom is the result. Through discipleship and mentoring, the issues are dealt with by the power of the Holy Spirit and in light of the word of God, the Bible. The entire power behind this process is Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and getting to know God and His word is essential to lasting freedom.