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Independence – Financial Recovery

Pastor Mike working with Derek

Initially, it is the independence from God, from others, and from any kind of authority that creates a mental attitude of “I know what’s best for me, and I don’t need nobody tellin’ me what to do.” It is this kind of independence that got the men who are at Set Free Elma there in the first place. Learning that God is our Creator and our ultimate Authority is key to starting a new life, and becoming dependent upon God is how that new life continues to grow.

With that said, independence isn’t always a bad thing. At Set Free Elma, the men learn new skills through boundaries, mentoring, counseling, and most importantly, seeing the skills modeled by leadership and other participants on a daily basis. They have the opportunity to put those skills into practice in their own lives, thereby developing new habits that will serve throughout their lifetime. They become men of courage, strength, and heart, recognizing the blessing of work, the joy of service, and the love of family and community. These character qualities, along with the other parts of recovery, fuel the motivation for the men to be able to take care of themselves and their families. They effectively become independent from having to live dependently on friends, family, or society for their food and shelter. They become overcomers, victors in Christ.