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Outreach – Changing Lives

Set Free Group with Pastor Mike Tallman

Once we have the gift of salvation and our lives are being redeemed through Christ, we might begin to feel complacent, that we “have it made.” The Gospel is an amazing gift, but it was never meant to be received and kept to ourselves. Jesus calls Himself the Great Shepherd who is always calling His lost sheep. While He was here on earth, He often went to the outcasts of society — those that no one else wanted to have around. His heart is that not one be lost, and His plan is that salvation be given freely to all.

With that in mind, Jesus said to go, make disciples of all men. Not just the beautiful, the clean, the successful, the good citizens, but all men. So we go. Several nights a week, we travel to the streets of nearby cities to minister to the hurting, the broken, and the homeless. We’re ready to pour out Jesus’ love on the lost, offering them coffee, a bowl of soup or sandwich, and hope. Bringing the Good News, we offer them an invitation for a new life, literally:

Are you ready for a change? Are you tired of being hungry, cold, and homeless? You can come home with us tonight and start the rest of your life anew.

Reaching out to the lost with the love of Jesus Christ is the heartbeat of this ministry.